My first experience seeing an herbalist came after 3 weeks of an incredibly high fever that would not break. I was completely miserable when I first met my herbalist, Erin Piorier. Within 24 hours of taking the herbal remedies she recommended my fever broke and I was close to feeling 100% better. It felt like pure magick! I began reading every book I could find on the topic of traditional western herbalism and I signed up for classes and workshops as often as I could. I slowly began to develop a home pharmacy full of natural remedies and herbs, and I gained confidence and skill as I used these herbal remedies on myself, my friends and my family.  Time after time, the herbs worked! In January of 2018, I began a year long study with herbalist Lise Wolff in her program "3 Seasons of Herbal Wisdom" and in fall of 2019 I began studying Flower Essence Therapy with Loey Colebeck and Organ Systems with Erin Piorier.  I am lucky to have great teachers who inspire me to see the potential in each plant, from the showy garden flowers, to the shaggy weeds poking up through the sidewalks. There is so much beauty and magick in our natural environment. I am excited to share the knowledge that I have acquired to help others find a greater sense of health, healing & balance.



I first came to yoga looking for a low impact way to stay fit after years of batteling injuries from dance.  I became a yogi when I continued practicing day after day, finding my mind in a more clear, calm and balanced state.  I took teacher training at CorePower Yoga in 2011 (hot) and in 2013 (vinyasa).   I studied prenatal yoga at Blooma with Sarah Longacre in 2014, and completed a 340 hour training through Devanadi with Tanya Boigenzhan in 2017.  I continue to study annually with Alexandria Crow, who has revolutionized my practice by teaching me what a functional range of motion is, and inspiring me to do what is wise for my body, even when everybody else is doing something different.



I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2006 with my BA in Psychology and plans of becoming a school psychologist. But, like many young people, I changed my mind.  After a year in the School Psychology masters program at University of Wisconsin, River Falls, I switched gears and in 2011, completed my Masters at Minnesota State University for Special Education with a focus on learning disabilities.  Around that same time, I began teaching yoga. My favorite teaching memory was bringing a group of high school students into the boundary waters, guiding them through a yoga practice, and teaching them to identify some of our northern native plants.  I no longer teach in the school setting, but I get my fix by teaching yoga + barre classes, coaching high school dance team and leading workshops about yoga and plants. I currently teach yoga and barre classes at LifeCore Yoga, where I am also an expert presenter and mentor in their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.





If you are still reading this, you've probably already realized that I really like being a student.  I enjoy learning just as much as I enjoy sharing what I know with others and I strive to learn something new each day. I spend as much time as I can outside, observing nature and tuning into my surroundings.  If I am not exploring the outdoors or taking a class, you will likely find me curled up with my nose in a nonfiction book (probably about plants) while snuggling with 1 or more of my 4 fur babies. I am committed to continuing my herbal studies and practice for many years to come.