1. Share Your Story

You are a unique individual with an interesting set of symptoms and an important history to share. Diving deep into your past and present will help me to identify the best remedies for you. At your initial appointment I will listen carefully as you tell me about your main concerns.  I will ask questions and you can clarify with details that may or may not seem relevant.  We will examine every aspect of your health and allow the full picture to emerge indicating which herbs might best fit your needs.  Some clients find it helpful to create a list ahead of time.  


2. Tongue Analysis

Next, I will look at your tongue. I will have a mirror available so that you can take a peek too! Tongues are fascinating, they can vary in so many different ways.  From bright red to pale, pointy to scalloped, dry, damp or coated, I have seen it all!  Analyzing the tongue provides an indication of your tissue state. It is like a window that shows how your internal tissues are behaving at the moment. This information further guides me in selecting the remedies that we will explore together.

3. Pulse Testing

By this point I will have pulled many potential herbs out of my kit and we will begin to check them one by one.  I will find your pulse and test each remedy by applying drops externally to your skin, carefully noting any changes in your pulse and paying close attention to how you respond to each herb. Some herbs will not make the cut, while others will emerge triumphantly. One by one, we will determine your unique formula, tailored specifically to meet your needs.  



It's that simple!


I will have your remedies in stock and you will leave the appointment with everything that you need to get started.

You will find that I am easily accessible. You can reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns that may arise before your scheduled follow-up visit.  

I accept check & cash payments for consultations & remedies, so plan ahead for that. No cards please.