Herbal Medicine

A better State of Balance. For EveryonE.


With Herbalist Marina Povlitzki

Herbalist. Educator. Yoga Instructor. Dance & Fitness Trainer. Maker.


Herbal Medicine is Safe. Effective. Natural & Sustainable.

The plants that surround us are miraculous. Herbs can be used to gently nudge our bodies and minds towards a better state of balance, and the results are often profound. 


Functional Movement: Yoga & Dance

Regular movement keeps our bodies and minds healthy. I offer yoga, dance technique & fitness training with an emphasis on strength & developing healthy movement patterns. Private training and small group sessions are available.

When I see Marina, what I appreciate the most is how well she listens to me. She hears me and pays close attention to how I respond to the different herbs. She has helped to calm my anxiety and my psoriasis has also improved since I began taking the remedies. I love working with her on a regular basis. I feel healthier and more balanced than I have in a long time.
— Hilary, Realtor (29)

Eco-Friendly Products

The products we put in and on our bodies matter, both for our personal health and the health of the planet!