Marina has been my go to herbal guru for years. She was the one who taught me that there was Magick in the world around us... that those “weeds” in the yard have a purpose and the trees we see everyday not only are beautiful, but from the bark to the berries, they each have their own individualized healing powers. I am what you might call accident prone, anxiety ridden and a seeker of a quick fix. Marina has helped me find herbal remedies for everything from menstrual cramps to nerve damage caused by a broken arm, anxiety, a variety of skin conditions and sleep issues. The tinctures and salves have made significant improvements and lasting resolution to my varying ailments throughout the years, but my sessions with Marina have had a much deeper impact on my life. Through her teachings, I have found a greater appreciation and connection to the world around me. Through her education, I am able to identify and recognize an array of plants, trees and flowers that would otherwise go unnoticed in my daily routine. This has made me feel more connected, grounded and appreciative of the nature surrounding me.
— Megan, Realtor (30)
In 2010, I had a stroke. My recovery period was long and I struggled with loss of mobility on my right side. I worked with Marina and over the course of several months, I gained movement back that had been gone for years. I had not been able to lift my arm above shoulder height since the stroke, but I can now easily raise my arm over my head! This has given me hope that I can continue making progress, and that I have not hit a plateau.
— Melissa, retired (67)
My job is physical, and requires me to kneel for extended periods of time. I started experiencing pain in my knee from the daily demands. This pain intensified just a couple of weeks before my big trip to the BWCA and I was nervous that I wouldn’t even be able to make the trip. Marina helped me by starting me on an herbal regimen. I began to experience less pain, and then no pain. I made it through my trip with ease, and am now back at work with the same physically demanding tasks. The pain has not returned, and my knees feel great.
— Travis, maintenance manager (41)
I used to wake up multiple times each night, urgently needing to use the restroom. My sleep was so bad, that I felt groggy all of the time. Marina helped me with herbs, and I have been sleeping soundly for the past 3 years.
— Gregg, painter (42)
I am a natural remedy skeptic. I was super hesitant about trying herbal medicine, but Marina is so confident, knowledgeable and passionate, I decided to give it a try. She has helped me with everything from headaches and cramps to anxiety. I am always recommending her to friends and family!
— Laura, Marketing Director (30)